The Hometown Restoration Story

Filling the gap: founder Brad Gardner saw the need

In 2014, Brad Gardner was working as an insurance agent. Time and again, he would visit with clients after a disaster and, each time disaster struck, he realized something: homeowners in Mississippi were desperately in need of a building contractor who understood insurance.

“I started Hometown Restoration primarily because I saw a gap that needed to be filled between insurance companies and homeowners,” says Brad, founder and president of Hometown Restoration, LLC, Mississippi’s premier roofing and home restoration contractor. “What I had learned was there were a lot of claims that were not handled properly, either by the home owners or the insurance companies.”

Because he understood the process, Brad recognized that neither the homeowners nor the adjusters were at fault. The process of communication between the two was broken because homeowners didn’t know the questions to ask or how to make sure repairs were approved before work started. That’s where Hometown Restoration steps in.

“The primary focus of Hometown Restoration is to provide a seamless process for a homeowner with an insurance claim to both mitigate with their insurance company and provide the best craftsmanship when restoring their home,” Brad says.


The company grows and branches out

Not long after starting Hometown Restoration’s primary efforts as an insurance restoration contractor, Brad and his team began to realize that the needs of Mississippi homeowners are unique. Soon, the company branched out beyond roofing repairs and replacement to kitchens and baths, home interior restorations, and the kinds of specialty restoration that are required when working on historic properties.

“Working on a property that was built 100, 150, 200 years ago is very different than remodeling or rebuilding a home that was built in 1995 or even 1955,” Brad says. “The techniques that you have to use are different. So are the materials and tools. Because of where we live and the rich history in this area, we’ve become experts working on these properties.”

What began as a simple way for homeowners to help get their lives back in order after a disaster has grown into one of the state’s most trusted and fastest growing construction and remodeling companies. In fact, 2020 alone saw Hometown Restoration complete more than $10.6 million in projects for our clients. Best of all, Hometown Restoration works with speed and efficiency, as Sr. Project Manager Mike McMullen explains.

“We have multiple crews at our disposal, which gives us the ability to build up to three roofs a day,” Mike says. “This lets us move claims through because it can take up to three months handling the claims process alone. By the end of that, it’s comforting to know that the roof can be completed quickly and correctly.”

Find out what Hometown Restoration can do for you

Hometown Restoration is proud to be a Mississippi-born and Mississippi-grown business. We are licensed and bonded by the state and we enjoy an A+ rating from the BBB. Our customers know we’re a company they can trust. Whether you have an insurance claim or are in the process of remodeling your home, our project managers can help guide you through the process. Give us a call today, or drop us a note using the form below and let us know how we can serve you.