Give the Gift of a New Bathroom This Holiday Season

Give the Gift of a New Bathroom This Holiday Season

Bathroom renovations are quick, affordable ways to add a touch of modern enjoyment to your home

It’s surprising how much time we spend in our bathrooms. Whether it’s a quick dash in to check our hair in the mirror or luxuriating in a hot bath, the bathroom is one of the most under-appreciated and overworked areas of your home.

Your family deserves a holiday treat this season, and a bathroom upgrade may be just the “stocking stuffer” everyone will appreciate. Upgrading a bathroom doesn’t have to be an overwhelming or expensive process, either.

Hometown Restoration is pleased to provide you with a full array of options to upgrade your space and turn your bathroom into a personal spa. And don’t leave the guests out, either. You’d be shocked at how much a fresh coat of paint, a little flooring, and a new countertop can revitalize even the most tired bathrooms.

Feed your vanity with a new vanity!

The next time you go into your bathroom, think about the first thing you see. Chances are it’s the sink. There’s a mirror attached to the wall, the sink and countertop, and a cabinet of some sort.

Look close at that cabinet, and you’ll see it’s showing its age. Water spots eat through even the best finishes, dulling shine and lending a grimy feel. You can’t clean an old vanity. But replacing a vanity isn’t expensive. In fact, that’s the kind of job Hometown Restoration can do in less than a day.

Whether you want a custom-built vanity and countertop or opt for a manufactured product, our craftsmen will bring a splash of new to the one fixture that greets every visitor to your bathroom. You’ll be blown away at how vain you can feel about your vanity. (“Have you seen the new bathroom?!”)

Consider the walls

Bathroom walls pull double-duty. Not only are they delivering privacy to you and your guests, but they’re also major moisture barriers, protecting your home’s vital infrastructure from all that steam and splish-splash of the kids’ baths.

All that water puts wear and tear on the walls, inflicting unseen damage on the paint and finishes. Damaged or deteriorating paint can make a bathroom feel just as dirty as if you never cleaned it. But it’s easy and affordable to correct.

Our paint crews are masters at repairing any unseen damage and then giving your bathroom the durable, long-lasting paint job it deserves. And with a new color, you can bring a modern, energetic new look into your home’s most under-appreciated space.

Not all bathroom flooring is created equally

Like your bathroom’s walls, bath flooring also does double-duty, and it has even a harder job. All that soap, splashed water, and – yes, overflowing toilets from time to time – eat away at finishes. At the same time, we use harsher chemicals to clean our bathrooms than we do other floors in our homes.

The result is that, over time, the bathroom floor stops being an effective barrier to damage and can, instead, become a conduit for grime and germs. But here’s the thing about bathrooms: they’re typically small spaces, and reflooring them doesn’t have to break the bank.

Whether you’re looking to go to finished concrete or upgrade to a high-impact ceramic product, Hometown Restoration brings the style and durability you’re looking for in your bathroom floor. It’s another affordable, easy, and fast way to add just a bit of pizazz to that poor, tired bathroom.

Find out what Hometown Restoration can do for your bathroom

Want to know what Hometown Restoration can do for you? Drop us a line and let us know what you’re thinking. We’ll be happy to come out, take a look, and give you an estimate on the bathroom of your dreams.